Retiring in the Bahamas
There are many good reasons to retire in
the Bahamas.  The Bahamas is a
developed, English-speaking Caribbean
nation composed of hundreds of islands
covering a territory approximately the
size of California.  Tourism and financial
services comprise the two largest
sectors of the economy.  Independent
from the United Kingdom since 1973, The
Bahamas is a Commonwealth nation with
more than a century-old democratic
tradition.  The capital, Nassau, is located
on New Providence Island.

The Bahamas is a great place to retire
however the cost of living is substantially
higher than you will find in Central
America.  Before you dismiss the
Bahamas as a place to retire however,
you should consider its advantages.  
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The Bahamian Dollar is pegged to the US Dollar at par.  Americans therefore will
have no foreign currency exposure should you choose to move back to the US in
the future.  Another major benefit is the fact that the crime rate in most of the
Bahamas is very low.  This is in stark contrast to most central american countries
where the crime rates are often many times higher.

English is the official language of the Bahamas, therefore making the transition
much easier for english speaking expats.  Furthermore, the Bahamas is much
closer to the US and therefore makes travel between the US much easier and
cheaper.  Real estate, although relatively expensive compared to that of central
american countries tends to appreciate well.  There is no income tax.  Obtaining a
resident visa is relatively easy.  The legal system is well develop and by all
accounts just.  Finally, the Bahamas has a well developed banking system in which
your money will be as safe as it would be in any developed country of the world.  
This is just a summary however of the many factors that are further explored in the
web page directory on the left.
Geographically, the Bahamas island chain
extends over 500 miles and contains some of the
clearest water in the world. The Bahamas is
composed of approximately 700 islands,
including uninhabited cays and large rocks,
which total an estimated land area of 5,382 sq
miles, and register a highest land elevation of
206 ft. .

The population of the Bahamas is slightly north
of 300,000.
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Watch the following short video clips and you will understand why the Bahamas
has the reputation of having some of the most beautiful water in the entire world.  
The Bahamas is trully a world class sportsman's paradise with great diving, fishing
and treasure hunting!
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