Retiring in the Cayman Islands is
pure heaven:
Caymanians enjoy beautiful scenery,
no direct taxation and one of the
highest standards of living in the

The Cayman Islands are
composed of three islands:
Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and
Little Cayman and are located in the
Caribbean Sea approximately 240 km
south of Cuba and 268 km northwest
of Jamaica.

Financial services in the Cayman
More than 68,000 companies were
registered in the Cayman Islands as
of 2003, including almost 500 banks,
800 insurers, and 5,000 mutual funds.
 A stock exchange was opened in

Tourism in the Cayman Islands:
Tourism is also a mainstay
accounting for about 70% of GDP
and 75% of foreign currency
earnings.  The tourism industry is
aimed at the luxury market and
caters mainly to visitors from North
America.  Total tourist arrivals
exceeded 2.1 million in 2003, with
about half from the U.S.  About 90%
of the islands' food and consumer
goods must be imported.
Retiring in the Cayman Islands
Follow the five step path to success:
Things to do in the Cayman Islands:
Check out the following short videos of things to do in the Cayman Islands including
many scenes of the beautiful beaches, water and marine life.
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