Bahamas Immigration Requirements:
Permanent Residency in the Bahamas:
Those who wish to settle in The
Bahamas by investing in property,
retiring here, or opening a business
usually apply for this status. Accelerated
consideration for Permanent Residency
can be obtained with a minimum
property investment of $500,000.
Applicants must be of good character,
show evidence of financial support, and
say in writing that they wish to live
permanently in The Bahamas. Wives and
dependent children (under age 18)
usually resident in a household can be
endorsed on the certificate when the
original application is made or later,
subject to conditions, which may be
made by the Immigration Board.

Persons with this status prior to the
Immigration Act (1975) continue to hold
the status automatically. Spouses of
Bahamians can receive a Certificate of
Permanent Residence with the right to
engage in gainful employment at any
time for females and after five years of
Follow the five step path to success:
marriage for males. Spousal permits may be obtained in
the meantime at a cost of $250. Permanent residency can
be revoked for cause including divorce. Cost of
Permanent Residence is $10,000 before issuance, with
endorsements free.

Annual Residency in the Bahamas:
A head of household pays $1,000 plus $25 per dependent.
Applicants for annual residency status must show evidence of financial support.

Male spouses of Bahamians pay a one time fee of $250 with no charges for
dependents, and with proper documentation, may work here on a spousal

Registration of land and single family dwellings:
The International Persons Landholding Act 1993 encourages foreigners or
companies owned by them to purchase a second home in The Bahamas as this
area was thought to have the most significant potential. If a foreigner acquires
a single-family dwelling or vacant land to be used in the construction of such a
dwelling then he no longer need obtain a permit from the Government
(specifically the Investments Board) prior to the purchase. He need only
register the acquisition subsequently with the Investments Board.

Permanent residents of The Bahamas and foreigners who inherit property in
the Bahamas are not required to obtain a permit before acquiring land but they
must register subsequently.

Permits are required for some property:
The foreigner will require a permit however if (1) the property is undeveloped
land and of five acres in size or larger, or (2) the property is not a private
residence, or it is not intended for development as such.

A registration certificate or permit must be included along with title documents
to be recorded in the Registrar General's Office otherwise the recording will be
null and void.
Visitor entry requirements in the Bahamas

For visitors, entry requirements differ slightly depending
upon place of birth, length of stay and what items
accompany the traveller.

Upon your arrival to The Islands Of The Bahamas, you will be
asked to fill out an Immigration Arrival/Departure Card, which
you will keep part of until your departure.
All visitors are required to be in possession of a return ticket.

U.S. and Canadian citizens entering The Islands Of The Bahamas as visitors are
required to show proof of citizenship with either a passport (current or expired
within five years) or two forms of identification, one of which has to have a photo.
For example, you may bring your birth certificate and a driver’s licence.

U.S. visitors staying for eight months or less need a return ticket plus a passport
(passports expired up to five years may also be used) or a certified birth
certificate with an official photo identification.

Naturalized citizens require naturalization papers (photo identification is not

Alien residents in possession of a U.S. Alien Registration Card may enter The
Islands Of The Bahamas without a visa for visits not exceeding thirty days.
Presentation of a current national passport, or one that has been expired for five
years or less, facilitates processing.

Permanent residents (green card holders) require their green card and a valid
passport from their place of birth.

Canadian visitors staying less than three weeks need the same identification as
those from the U.S. and do not require a visa.

Landed immigrants in possession of the Canadian Immigration Record Form 1000
should follow the same requirements as Alien residents.

All others need a valid passport.

British subjects from the United Kingdom and colonies may enter The Islands Of
The Bahamas as visitors without passports or visas for periods not exceeding
three weeks. For longer stays they must present a passport.
A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required from travellers over one year of
age coming from the following countries: Angola, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina
Faso, Colombia, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, French
Guiana, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Peru and
Sudan. Travellers are required to be vaccinated 10 days prior to entering The
Islands Of The Bahamas and must have a valid certificate of vaccination against
Yellow Fever.

For additional information, contact:

Ministry of Labour and Immigration
P.O. Box N 3008
East Hill Street
Nassau, Bahamas
tel: 242-323-7814
fax: 242-325-1920
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